Become a Volunteer - West Lincoln Memorial Auxiliary

Its Rewarding and Fun!

If you wish to volunteer or would like more information, please call the Auxiliary Office at 905-945-2253, ext. 11391, or e-mail Wendy Hollinshead at whollin@mcmaster.ca

ADULT Volunteers:
Application: VolunteerAppln-5-Apr-2022.pdf

Manual: VOLUNTEER MANUAL-11-Apr-2022.pdf

STUDENT Volunteers:

Student Brochure-Sept 13-2022.pdf
Application:  Student Volunteer Application Oct 2021.pdf

Code of Conduct booklet 2018.pdf

Privacy Policy

                                        Latest News

Please be advised that Volunteer reintegration planning is currently in progress. Reintegration is being conducted in a gradual manner with current HHS Volunteers. All interviews, orientation and onboarding are being reinstated

We appreciate your patience and encourage you to check back regularly.

Last Updated: Sept 27, 2022